Week 7, 2023

Sun, Feb 19, 2023

Farcaster’s NFT tab on profiles is a really touch. It’s pretty basic now, but with a little more sorting(?) and filtering features, it could be really nice. This could be a pretty sweet browser extension for Twitter. Twitter already has tabs for “media” and “likes”; using a content script, I could add a tab for NFTs too. Here’s what I had in mind: user goes to twitter.com/:user, the extension takes the username from the url and reverse-queries it with the ENS text-records => I get the ETH address of user, now I can pull the NFTs owned by the user. Turns out, there’s no way to query ENS based on text-record, so now I’m trying to build an indexer for ENS. I even have a good name for it: Enscan.

I explored Go this week. It’s a pretty simple language. Its type system is not as good as TypeScript, then again I haven’t really explored TS’s deeply, just enough to get my work done. Go’s coroutines and channels are really cool.

I haven’t written Solidity that much this week. I can’t make progress on Damn Vulnerable Defi without understanding Gnosis smart contracts.

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