I explore my curiosity and share what I learn along the way. Essays about web3, programming, and occasionally physics. It's my excuse for playing around with new ideas and practicing the craft of writing.

How Jack Butcher Productized Himself

Escape competition through autheticity - Naval Ravikant

Today Jack Butcher has an online audience of over 500k, earns $100,000 a month, and runs an infinitely scalable business. But just 4 years ago, in 2018, he was burnt out running an ad agency serving corporate clients. The insight behind this transition... More

Aug 11, 2022

Lens Protocol Explained

A decentralized, composable, user-owned social graph

Blockchains separate the backend from the frontend. Lens Protocol takes this further by specialising the backend for social interactions... More

Aug 10, 2022

How Dell dethroned IBM

In the 1970s personal computer was was an unfamiliar idea with the American people. Only businesses and universities used computers. IBM dominated this arena with 60% market share. As the personal computer market emerged in the early 80s, IBM was the time-tested... More

Jul 28, 2022

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