Hi, I'm Yash Karthik.

Right now, I'm:

Before that, I have:

Some lore:

Five years ago I awoke in a strange new world: I learned to code.

My friend and I were tasked with cleaning-up the robotics lab after a late night session. Rather than spending hours sorting the parts manually, we built a robot to do it for us (finishing the task in a few days instead of hours xD). I knew how transformative technology is. It had been all around us. But actually leveraging it myself to automate a mundane task was when I truly grokked the power of technology. Since then, I've built fast and beautiful web apps; efficient and powerful robots; slow and clunky(?) VMs; and learned to embrace the lightness of being a perpetual beginner.


I can't not build, you see.

Breadboard ALU


It can do addition and subtraction!


stay whimsical

Car Car