I explore my curiousity and share what I learn along the way. Essays about web3, programming, and occasionally physics. It's my excuse for playing around with new ideas and practicing the craft of writing.

Gitcoin Passport Explained

Verifiable personhood

Open-source software is a digital public good that generates $400bn a year in value, but the creators of OSS are unable to monetize their work on this digital infrastructure. Gitcoin's mission is... More

Jun 28, 2022

Nuclear Energy - where's the energy coming from

Like fossil fuels, nuclear energy is produced by performing some reaction, which heats up water, spinning the turbines and generating electricity. In the case of oil, the reaction is combustion; a chemical reaction where the re-arrangement of bonds releases energy. Nuclear energy... More

June 18, 2022

Nouns and CC0

Composable ideas

Companies like Disney fought tooth and nail to keep their IP out of public domain. Projects like the Nouns show a shift in value attribution.... More

March 22, 2022

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