Nouns and CC0

budding note • Mar 22, 2022 •

Traditional companies often fear losing ownership and direct value attribution if others profit from their intellectual property. Nouns—a CC0 project—challenges the status quo by waiving copyright. This can lead to increased exposure and engagement with the IP, generating more potential for building upon it and further growth.

Traditional companies lead with fear of losing ownership. If someone’s making money selling t-shirts with Mickey on it, that is money Disney’s losing - direct value attribution.

CC0 is essentially LEGO for ideas - composable IP. Why? Cuz memes run people’s minds. Releasing IP into public domain increases points of discovery, and enables anyone to build upon it; i.e more cool stuff and more people interacting with it - indirect value attribution.

The result? With monopoly power gone, creators will compete on quality and creativity of experience they provide. In other words: more people wearing Mickey shirts ⇒ more ppl thinking about Mickey ⇒ more potential for building on top of Mickey.

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