Jan 2, 2023

I remember when 2022 started and I had a list of things I wanted to learn. Looking back I can see that I made some progress but also fell short in a few areas. In 2023 I want to be more specific and focused in my learning goals (also, I’m announcing them publicly so I feel more accountable).

So what am I gonna learnt?

Ethereum Stack

I have a decent understanding of the different parts of Ethereum development–Solidity, JS libraries etc–but never built a full-fledged project that covers the entire stack. This year, I’m planning to do Speedrunethereum to understand building Dapps.


It’s JS-like syntax is deceptive and now I know there’s a lot for me to learn. I’m gonna dive into this by building Dapps and doing Solidity CTFs. I really enjoyed OpenZeppelin’s Ethernaut challenges and looking for more.

Non-crypto Software


I started with Scratch, then Python and now almost every project I build is in Typescript. I love TS, but… I feel like learning a new language. I’m split between Go and Rust. I’m probably gonna start with Go and delve into lower level languages later on when I’m exploring hardware projects.



I’ve explored hardware in the past, that’s how I got into coding/tech, but haven’t done much since the pandemic hit. Last summer I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and built an automated door handle for my room with it. And recently I won an Orpheus Leep (similar to Arduino) in the Epoch hackathon. Haven’t done much research into this space, but I think I’ll start from the basics with C and Orpheus Leep and see where it takes me.


I discovered my interest in writing after writing a Twitter thread.

This year, I plan to write more code-explanations and “How it Works” of open-source apps, particularly crypto protocols. I want to continue writing about my other interests and learnings from them. I’m also interested in trying out short stories.




Feels good declaring all this publicly. I’m excited to see where 2023 takes me.

How Skimmr Works

How to pour water, without making a mess.

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