Jan 15, 2023

Programming is a skill, not a piece of knowledge.

When most people think of learning, they think of reading and understanding the French Revolution, or how photosynthesis works, or how Newton's laws play together. Reading and digesting information. Compare this sort of learning to learning to play guitar. You know instantly that learning to play guitar is completely different from learning a piece of knowledge. You learn to play guitar by, well, playing the guitar. You read a bit, then pick up the guitar and play it—making a 100 mistakes and learning from them along the way. And then, after enough iterations, you'll have gained the skill to manipulate the strings into the perfect arc, while your other hand strums them into vibration at just the right frequency, producing a tune out of silence. Programming is just like that. You read a bit, and then use what you read, making a hundred mistakes and learning along the way.

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