Lens Protocol Explained

Aug 10, 2022

Blockchains separate the backend from the frontend. @LensProtocol takes this further by specialising the backend for social interactions. Here’s how it works.

Everything is an NFT! Literally.

Profiles, comments, follows, mirrors(retweets) are all nfts, or represented using nfts. This enables direct ownership of content and, programmability (cuz nfts are basically programmable objects).

The main nfts are:

A key feature of nfts is their inherent “programmable” nature. Lens Protocol leverages this in the form of modules.


Modules are whitelisted contracts that adhere to a specific interface.

… etc.

These modules allow for logic such as “fee-on-follow” or even a “subscription” model. Basically any logic you can think up!


Because creators own their content via the Lens Protocol, they can allow their followers to purchase that content as nfts. A creator can attach a collect module with arbitrary logic.

Web2 turned websites from digital newspaper to social networks and shopping stores. It leveraged the programmable nature of the webpages. Similarly NFTs are programmable objects. By leveraging this @LensProtocol has built a decentralised, composable, user-owned social graph.

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